Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Installing and Configuring Conky:

conky is a popular system monitor which is light weight and is highly configurable through its own scripting interface that allows access to status of several system variables like storage,CPU consumption,memory usage, network interfaces and temperatures etc. 
You can install conky from synaptic package manager or by issuing the following command in your terminal:
sudo apt-get install conky
Configuring and applying themes to conky:
When conky starts it looks for the configurations in /etc/conky/conky.conf file and loads accordingly.Here is a screen shot of default conky setup as defined in conky.conf file.

We can change the look of conky by creating a custom configuration file inside our home directory.Fortunately there are lot of themes available out there on the internet could be a good source for conkyrc files and custom themes for your conky.
Applying a downloaded theme:
Now grab a copy of minimalis conky 1.0 by deny26 from here extract files inside your home directory and then start conky as :
#conky -c ~/name_of_extracted_folder/conkyrc

The above command will apply the minimalis theme to your conky.

Auto start conky at login:
If you want conky to show up automatically upon your login use the following steps:
1)Create a .conkystart file inside your home directory and make it executable .
2)Copy and paste the following lines into your created file and save it.
  sleep 20 && conky -c ~/path_to_ur_conkyrc
3)Go to preferences->startup applications click add button,Enter name as conky   and then inside the  textbox labeled as command paste this line ~/.conkystart click add button and its all done!


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