Friday, September 24, 2010

Virtual Box Guest Additions on Fedora 13 installation guide:

Before installing guest additions on fedora 13 make sure that following packages are installed on your fedora 13 virtual machine.
  1. make
  2. automake
  3. gcc
  4. gcc-c++
  5. dkms
  6. kernel-headers
  7. kernel-devel
you can inquire your system for above packages using this command:
@localhost ~]$ yum list installed gcc gcc-c++ dkms kernel-devel kernel-headers make automake

Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
Installed Packages
automake.noarch         1.11.1-1.fc13                          @fedora
dkms.noarch                               @fedora
gcc.i686                        4.4.4-10.fc13                         @updates
gcc-c++.i686                4.4.4-10.fc13                         @updates
kernel-devel.i686                    @updates
kernel-headers.i686                    @updates
make.i686                     1:3.81-19.fc13                       @updates

Otherwise install these packages :

#yum update kernel
#yum install gcc gcc-c++ dkms kernel-devel kernel-headers make automake

Now copy from CD drive to your desktop and from command line change directory to desktop and follow these steps:

@localhost Desktop]$ su

@localhost Desktop]$ KERN_DIR=/usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`

@localhost Desktop]$ export KERN_DIR

@localhost Desktop]$ sh

You will need to restart your system at the end of the installation . Write me your quires in comment section thanks!


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